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   Tim Lane, Coordinator, Our Charity Events

About CURE

CURE is a non-profit organization providing a Parent/ Child Handbook, Parent Advocate & Education Liaison Program, Family Resource Center, Parent Support Groups, Newsletters, Speaker Series, Social Events.

We help families live with the words: "Your child has cancer."

Families helping families: It was parents and friends of children with cancer who founded CURE in 1976. Since then, CURE, with the help of of "people who have been there," has assisted thousands of area families to cope with the disease.

CURE's support begins at the moment of diagnosis and remains through every stage of treatment and beyond. Many of CURE's parents have lost a child to the disease. Some children undergoing cancer treatment today and preparing for the life-long effects and the hope of living cancer-free.

All are committed to the same cause: to help families in their fight to conquer cancer—the number one cause of death by disease in children.

For more information about the CURE Childhood Cancer Association please visit their web site (www.curekidscancer.com), call 585-473-0180, or e-mail curekids@rochester.rr.com



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