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   Tim Lane, Coordinator, Our Charity Events

2002 Rock n Roll Jamboree - March 3, 2002

Amount Raised: $1,808

As a group you have done so much for CURE... Thank you again for your promotional support and generous donation. I would especially like to thank Tim Lane whose insight, generosity and support united our two organizations. CURE greatly appreciates the relationship that has continued to grow over the last three years. I had a great time at the Rock and Roll Jamboree.

Marynell Noonan

The special relationship goes back to over three years ago when Tim Lane coordinator of the fundraiser was CURE's UPS carrier. It was through Tim's insight, generosity and support that united the two organizations. They have sponsored an annual motorcycle run for the past two years and raised over $3900 for CURE. It is a relationship that is greatly appreciated by CURE and the families it serves.

Mary Gallis


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